The Importance of a Proper Workspace

Have you been staring at your computer screen/typewriter/notepad lately, waiting for inspiration to strike?  Do you find your mind wanders as you write, taken off into the various tangents daily life hurls your way?  Do you have your book in your head, but just can’t get it out in written form?  Then perhaps there is a problem with your workspace.

Not everyone has the luxury of a home office to while away their writing hours, yet everyone needs a few basic essentials to ensure positive and productive sessions.  The following it what works best for me, so take from it what you will in any way that it helps you.


It might be tempting to curl up on the couch with a loved one while you write away, especially if you spend a majority of your day working on your book, but more than likely it’ll simply provide more distraction that you can handle.  Find someplace you can be alone with your thoughts.


Music is a great way to be alone even when there are people around you making noise.  I personally can’t write without music; I keep my iPod handy because I love the convenience of switching between several albums as the need arises.  Music keeps my creativity flowing, whether I’m writing or not.  Some people need background noise, so they use a radio or TV to combat what they consider distracting silence.

Dry Erase Board

Okay, so you need wall space or considerable storage space for this one, but I think it’s worth it.  I get ideas at all hours of the day, so I love being able to just walk in and write it on the board.  You can also make helpful charts that keep track of characters and events or draw maps regarding the journey of the characters. 

Internet Search Engine

Having a hard time visualizing locales and environments you’ve never actually been to?  Image search!  Need to describe a piece of artillery in more detail than you could possible know?  Google it!  Need to know the Japanese word for “fire”?  Translate it!  Just make sure the info is accurate, of course.

Inspirational Surroundings

Have your own office?  Fill it with your favorite books and paint it an inspiring color.  Love the smell of books?  Write in a bookstore or library.  Love cats?  Convince yours to nap in the sun or window nearby as you type away.  Whatever makes you happy, try to integrate it into your writing time.

Your Previous Work

When writing a sequel, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of your previous books on hand.  You never know when you’ll need to double-check something.  Plus, when you’re feeling discouraged, look at them to remind yourself that yes, you can finish something.

Only you can know what works best for you, but hopefully something in here helps you get where you need to be to finish what you started.

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