An Animus Saga Bestiary: Aeneids


Aeneids are an intelligent bipedal feline race now nearly extinct on Earth.  Although their technology and skill in Animus Activation surpasses that of humans, their peaceful nature made them easy targets for the fearful and greedy.  The majority of the race now lives on the planet Sidonia, leaving only a handful of individuals on the world of their birth.  Despite their low numbers, aeneids are extremely long-lived, their lifespans extending across centuries.


Maizu, a famous sage of the early Modern Age and ally of Karuna, the founder of Djangril.

Satori, a member of Djangril’s Mahatera (ruling council) and a legendary Earth Guardian.

Kumo and Dango, members of Garuda.

Ikusa, member of the Legion of Imago.


As a cat lover, I wanted a feline character with the wise and reserved nature of Korin (Karin-sama) from Dragon Ball and the battlefield skills of Mog from Final Fantasy VI.  The result was Maizu, who served as the basis for the entire aeneid race, though Satori is the first one readers of The Animus Saga actually meet.


The Aeneid is an epic poem by Roman poet Virgil, which I read in one of my college English classes.  I liked the word so much I decided to give it to one of my imago races.  However, the name “aeneid” is not the native word for the species but merely one coined by humans.  Their true name is revealed in The Age of Imago.


Although aeneids speak Panglossa to communicate with humans, their native language is Hashigengo.


All aeneids have Japanese names, but their names are a bit more random than the other Hashigengo-speakers.  I would simply categorize them as “unusual” for names.


Aeneids have a distinctive style of dress, one that Satori has kept alive while living in Djangril.  The most notable are the nekuto, a large round hat, and the nekata, a courtly robe.  The word nekuto comes from the Japanese words for cat (neko) and helmet (kabuto).  Nekata is derived from neko and yukata, a type of kimono.

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