An Animus Saga Bestiary: Lokivi


Feline quadrupeds no larger than housecats, lokivi are powerful Animus users specializing in mimicry.  While they cannot generate complex attacks on their own, they are capable of copying difficult techniques created by humans and imago.  This skill can either be employed as offensive support or to defend allies from harm, but they must be trained and commanded to do so.  However, all lokivi will utilize their mimicry in self-defense when necessary.  When using Animus Activation, a small jewel emerges from its tail and glows according to the element it is using.


Saigo, Cyrus’ constant companion.


In terms of design, the lokivi are an offshoot of the aeneid race.  Originally, it was the aeneids who had glowing tail jewels that emerged when using Animus Activation.  When that idea was discarded for aeneids, I decided I wanted a more wild race of feline imago that could mimic the skills of their allies, much like Gogo, a mysterious character from Final Fantasy VI.  Thus the lokivi were born.


From the Finnish word jalokivi, meaning jewel, referring to the jewels in their tails.


Lokivi do not speak and communicate only through squeals, purrs, and other feline noises.


Although lokivi do not have their own culture, they are ingrained in Djangrilian culture as longtime allies, acting as battlefield support when Earth Guardian numbers were insufficient.  Nonetheless, Djangril has only a few individuals qualified to train lokivi.

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