An Animus Saga Bestiary: Gamriels


Bipedal reptilian imago renowned for their physical strength and their near-impenetrable skin, gamriels dwell primarily in mountain caves.  Their bodies have dual rows of spikes along their backs and exposed spines, joining long bony tails easily wielded as lethal weapons.  Most have little skill in Animus Activation but compensate with their brute force and durability.  Their skin becomes tougher with age, becoming bulletproof at full maturation.


Bolverk, member of the Legion of Imago.

Kodarab, member of Garuda.


I needed a race of physically powerful and intimidating imago to serve as foot soldiers and guards.  They were originally called Basilisk Demons.


From the Norwegian words gammel (ancient) and grontareale (green).


Gamriels speak Panglossa.


Since Bolverk was the first gamriel I created, I extended the Norse theme to include all gamriel names.


Despite their menacing appearance and frightening strength, most gamriels live in quiet seclusion.  Family is paramount in their lives and any harm done to family members must be answered with the blood of the perpetrator.

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