An Animus Saga Bestiary: Naiads


Humanoid imago with blue skin and black hair, naiads are deeply connected to the element of water.  They have strikingly beautiful features and often possess a near-hypnotic hold on humans they come into contact with.  Though they are rarely aggressive, their mastery of water-based attacks make them formidable enemies when pushed toward confrontation.


Heidrun, leader of the Legion of Imago, is a human/naiad hybrid.  His elder half-brother Heimdal was a full-blooded naiad.


When I began compiling a list of imago races, naiads were one of the most intriguing to me.  In Greek mythology, naiads are always female and portrayed as more of a nuisance than a threat, more dangerous because of their allure than anything else.  I expanded the race to include males but incorporated that attraction into Heidrun’s character, as it plays a role in his relationship with Sundari.  I also combined oceanids (saltwater dwellers) with naiads (freshwater dwellers) into a single race since their connection to water would not change depending on salinity.


The name was taken directly from Greek mythology.


Although most naiads speak Panglossa, many also speak Akhai, a language shared by closely-related imago such as alseids, draiads, and anemoi, all of which are taken from Greek mythology.


Aside from Heidrun and Heimdal, whose mother took their names from the old gods of Dravigia, the majority of naiads have Greek names.


Although naiads are generally peaceful, many have borne a strong hatred of humans since the destruction of Aurinko, their cultural capital and symbol of their power and achievements.

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