An Animus Saga Bestiary: Shadow Slayers


Elemental imago born of shadow energy, shadow slayers are short, lean creatures with red eyes and sharp claws.  Their intelligence is usually minimal, though more intelligent individuals can manipulate shadow energy to devastating effect.


Vigrid, a longtime member of the Legion of Imago, is a shadow slayer of unprecedented power and intelligence, able to summon scores of his more common brethren.


Vigrid is based on a character I created in my early teen years.  I wanted a character with an extremely malleable body, something akin to the T-1000 from Terminator 2.  I drew a black-hued character with a long head and an armored vest, his arm converted to a spear.  A few years later, I created shadow slayers as mindless minions serving those skilled with shadow energy, inspired by element-based enemies from Final Fantasy games.  When I was writing Duality, I flipped through an old sketchbook and decided to base a member of the Legion on that old drawing, making Vigrid a more evolved shadow slayer with a body capable of stretching, morphing, and complete dissolution and reconstitution.


They are beings of pure shadow energy whose singular desire is to kill anything in their path; the name “shadow slayer” was intended to make that obvious.


Aside from Vigrid, shadow slayers do not possess the intelligence necessary to speak, communicating purely through snarls and other basic sounds.


Destruction and slaughter is all they know.

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