An Animus Bestiary: Djinn


Flame given form, djinn are comprised entirely of molten energy.  Their shape and size vary widely, but all produce an incredible amount of heat and are naturally gifted at generating and manipulating fire.  They primarily dwell in the deserts of Jinai.


Agnar, member of the Legion of Imago, is a marid-class djinn.

Haidar and Bahij, members of Garuda, are ghul-class djinn.


Djinn have a long history in Arab culture and appear frequently in media across the world.  My favorite djinn has always been Ifrit, the summon from the Final Fantasy series, who personifies fiery destruction.  After a little research, I decided to include djinn of various types in The Animus Saga.  The real-life versions are referred to as “djinni” when singular and “djinn” when plural, but in The Animus Saga djinn is used in both cases.


One of the most common spellings of the word, although “jinn” seems to be the most common.


All djinn featured in The Animus Saga speak Panglossa.


In keeping with their cultural origins, djinn in The Animus Saga have Arabic names.  Agnar is an exception, as his name was given to him by Heidrun and thus fits a Norse theme.


There are three varieties of djinn divided into social classes.  Ghul, the lowest class, burn yellow and are the most common and least powerful.  Marid burn orange and are less common than ghul but significantly more powerful.  Afrit are the elite and strongest class but are incredibly rare.  There is much animosity between the classes and conflict among them is frequent.


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