An Animus Bestiary: Alseids


Close relatives of naiads and draiads, alseids are green-skinned humanoids native to forests, open grasslands, highlands, and other unspoiled verdant areas.  Like naiads, they appear beautiful to humans, but their natural allure is not as strong.


Agraulos, a traveler Heidrun met in his youth.


I wanted to avoid the most commonly used figures from classical mythology and I found the idea of closely-related, nymph-based races interesting, given their different elemental associations.  As with naiads, I expanded alseids to include males as well.


The name was taken directly from Greek mythology.


Alseids speak Panglossa and Akhai.


All alseids have Greek names.


Alseids are an agrarian people and lack the offensive Animus-based skills found in other imago.  Consequently, they are looked down upon by others and are perceived as weak and cowardly.

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