What I’ve Been Doing Lately

Anyone who has been following my work for the past few years knows I’ve been writing YA novels for my Nanotechs and Animus Saga series.  Lately, however, I have taken a break from that—aside from trying to find someone interested in representing the latest one—to work on my other long-term writing project: an original drama pilot for television.  Focusing on the era of the Opium Wars in China, the script grew out of my interest in that period that began with Lin Zexu’s “A Letter to Queen Victoria,” which I assigned to my Academic Writing students.  I joined the Black List website and ran my script through several evaluations, rewriting and revising, discovering how much I really needed a professional opinion to make my work stronger.  And that brings me to my next point.

If I choose to release The End Starts Here myself, it will only be after a professional editor has a chance to evaluate it.  I previously released three novels without much professional oversight, and in the end I regretted certain aspects of each book because of it.  As I’ve grown as a writer over the past few years, what I once saw as the best I can do no longer seems adequate, so I have to set them aside until I can once again be proud of the finished product.  Proving Ground is a notable exception; aside from recent tweaks to make it work as a sequel rather than the first in the series, I remain confident in its quality.  I just need its new lead-in to measure up.

So for those of you still waiting for the next Nanotechs book, please have patience as I take time to revamp the series.  I take the quality of my work very seriously and I want to ensure my readers receive the best books I can create.

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